The top 4 is the main focus of the Premier League as many big clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea, Leicester, West Ham and even Tottenham all want a place for Champions League Football, well today, I am going to take a look at your best bets for the top 4.



1: Man City

Well, this is pretty obvious isn’t it. Man City have pretty much ran away with the Premier League title with only Man Utd being the only ones not 20 points behind. They have dominated the league thanks to their 20 match unbeaten run which set record for this league. Man City are running away with the title, no question about it. As a result, they finish top 4 and will get a spot in the Champions League, confirmed.

2: Man Utd

Another one which is guaranteed in Man Utd. They have shocked the world and actually been really consistent this season. Had it not been for Man City’s 20 match run, I would pick them favorites to win the league. They have a match winning squad with the likes of Rashford, Martial and Bruno up top. They are definitely Premier League title contenders in the future. But for now, I believe they will take 2nd spot and qualify for Champions League Easily.

3:Leicester City

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Now here is where it is going to be tough. There is alot of good competition for 3rd place. But I believe that Leicester are too far ahead to catch up. They have not been very consistent, but I believe their margin is just too big to overcome despite their poor form. If Vardy and Maddinson fire in the last few games, top 4 is assured for the Foxes.

4: Chelsea

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Now, who will take No:4? Will it be Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham or Tottenham? I can’t help but put Chelsea over. They ahev been the most consitent side in the league by far and Tuchel has revolutionized Chelsea. Their 4-1 Win over Crystal Palace is proof of that. There style of play is unmatched by any other club and are looking favorites to finish top 4 with their sublime form. I am giving it to Chelsea.


So, that is it for my top 4. Europa League Spots will go to LIverpool and West Ham respectively, and Tottenham and Arsenal finish Mid-Table. This I believe, will be the table for the 20-21 season.

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