What a breathtaking game! Wolves 0 Aston Villa 1

(Sorry for no preview)This was a ruthless and breathtaking game! Aston Villa with the mercy of god managed to slip away the 3 points against Wolves in an upset. there was alot of fouling and cards in this game. It is all coming up in today’s game, let’s get to it.

The only word for Wolves right now is shocked, stunned is the correct word. They can not believe what just happened! They were looking to get a draw, but oh boy! God had otgher things in mind. They will be cursing Semedo and wonder why they signed him! He brings down McGinn giving Al Ghazi a  penalty. This was the opening Aston Villa needed. Al Ghazi converts and that is 3 points taken away from Wolves. This was their game to win, a draw was acceptable but a loss no. This was horrible for Wolves and they need better thinking in the final minutes.

For Aston Villa’s perspective, this was a heaven sent opportunity and they took it. This was a great chance and this will boost their confidence. However, they need to be more careful and clinical as these sort of opportunities will not come often. But in they time you have Aston Villa, be happy. You just tripled your point score. They are currently¬† 8th. The fact that Wolves picked up a red card late too is salt to the wound. Overall, an average performance but a great result!

So that is it for this game. Aston Villa steal 3 points from Wolves and they are going to party all night. Wolve however, will be crying and need to take the game till the last second like Aston Villa did. The next match is Newcastle Vs West Brom. Till then, goodbye and take care!

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