We witnessed a thriller! Sheffield 2 Man Utd 3

What a game we had here. Sheffield put up one hell of a fight but Man City reign supreme in the end. This was a great match and one of the reasons why I love the Premier League, teams do not give up until the last second and Sheffield definitely did not. They were a die hard team and even though Man Utd got all 3 points, Sheffield won our harts and this could be a massive stepping stone for Sheffield.

Let us talk about Sheffield first. They were on fire and against a team like Man Utd, it did not even show that Sheffield was bottom of the table. They played with fire and spirit and it showed the true potential of Sheffield and their “Never give up” attitude. This was a true indication of how far they could go. This was a good game and they should hold their head high. This was a promising performance.

Man Utd should be happy they got their 3 points but they need to be wary of threats posed by other teams. Sheffield is bottom of the table, yet they posed a much better challenge then most teams. This will give them a valuable lesson. “No matter which team you are facing, give 100%” Today was a pure example. Man Utd need to be more careful but apart from that late goal, they were very pleasing on the eye. It was a good performance.

That is all for this game. Man Utd take all 3 points but take nothing away from Sheffield. They looked promising in this game. Next up it is Crystal Palace Vs Liverpool. Till then, goodbye and take care.

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