Tottenham 2 Man City 0 Mourinho’s Spurs looking unbeatable! MATCH-REVIEW

Well, Tottenham have sure turned things around this season! Currently in 1st Place, Mourinho’s Spurs have just dismantled Pep’s Man City 2-0 at their home stadium. Man City have some really serious thinking to do as they are 13th in the Premier league and for runners up last season, this is a horrible start. It’s all coming up, in today’s article.

Let’s start with Tottenham. Whatever happens, Tottenham is looking Unbeatable. They got an early lead as Son fired them home in the 5th minute. however, this was purely Man City’s fault, got all the chances, and could not convert. Yet, I got to give Tottenham credit for how they used their chances. They only got 4, but used every single chance to their advantage. Lo Celso wrapped it up with his beautifully done goal in the 65th minute to ensure that Spurs wrapped up the game. Ndomble got an assist as well. It’s a good day to be a Spurs fan.

Pep Guardiola must be fuming. To win a game, this should have been theirs. They got a total of 22 chances, yet none found the back of the net. The team looked pressurized by Son’s goal and I feel that got the better of them. This is a huge disappointment for City as there is no better chance to win game than this. They had  no interest and looked depleted. Once Lo Celso got the goal, any chance of a City comeback was killed. Now they have to focus on Burnley and try to utilize there chances.

So that is it from this game!  Tottenham take down a depleted Man City thanks to luck and utilization of chances. Up next is Man Utd Vs Burnley. Till then, Goodbye and Take care!

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