Teams are showcasing their true potential. MATCHDAY 14 REVIEW

(Sorry for not posting in a while, was busy.)  This was a crazy week for the Premier League, as big teams showing their true potential and smaller club not stopping their hot streak.  Let’s take a look at the top games from this week.

Liverpool demolish Crystal Palace!

Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 7.

Liverpool crush Crystal Palace with a dominating win over Crystal Palace, reminding everyone why they are Premier League Champions! The reds got off to a fiery start with Takumi Minamino scoring the opener  3 minutes in when Mane doubled the lead 35 minutes in. Firmino got the visitors a 3-0 lead before half time and made it 4-0  in 68  minutes. Jordan Henderson scored another, while Mo Salah got goals 6 and 7 respectively. A very dominating performance.

Arsenal are not ready for the Premier League!

Everton 2 Arsenal 1

Arsenal really can’t hang in the Premier League can they? Arsenal have not won a Premier League game in forever and Everton was not any different. A classic start for Arsenal as Rob Holding scores Arsenal an own goal to start the game. However, Nicoles Pepe equalized with a penalty thanks to Davies clumsy challenge. However, Mina put the visitors ahead again before Half-time, and it stayed that way till full time.

Tottenham slip further!

Tottenham 0 Leicester City 2

Well Tottenham continue to slip further into the bottom as they lose to Leicester City 0-2. A goal was scored before Half time when Vardy took a confident penalty just before Half-time to lead 1-0. Alderwield also got a own goal to make it 2-0. That is the summary of this game, not alot but it summarizes the meaning, “Things are not always what they seem.”

Chelsea back in it?!

Chelsea 3 West Ham 0

I know there were other good performances, but this one stood up the most out of the last games. Chelsea looked down after their 2 shocking losses against Wolves and Everton, but they came back brilliantly in this game. Thiago Silva scored a powerful header to give Chelsea the early lead. Tammy Abraham doubled the lead after a mistake form West ham’s defense. A couple of minutes later, Abraham fires another one form a tight angle. This makes it 3-0! And that was the end of the game!


So that is it for this game. This was a crazy Matchweek with full of twists and turns and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will show you the table in a bit. Till then, Goodbye and take Care!

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