Man Utd Sneak away against West Brom Man Utd 1 West Brom 0 MATCH-REVIEW

Well, this was quite the boring game. Only one goal scored and that was off a penalty. Still, we did get to learn a few things. Watch as we here review the match between Man Utd and West Brom.

Well, not a lot to say for Man Utd to be honest. Just Unlucky. They got 17 chances, but only managed to convert 1 thanks to Bruno Fernandes penalty in the 56th minute. They looked solid but need to do a lot better if they are to survive in the top 4. Ole Gunnar Solskj√¶r has got alot of thinking that could affect his future role at Man Utd. Fernandes is turning out to be their most useful signing but without the rest of the team, it’s only a matter of tome before Man Utd crumble.

Even lesser to say about West Brom. They just looked desperate and even when Fernandes scored the penalty, they still had a chance to draw the game but, nothing happened. They just never got into the mood and looked at the mercy of Man Utd even though they could easily have been victors. Overall, a very poor Performance.

So that is it. A very empty game from 2 very empty sides. Tomorrow hopefully we should have a much more entertaining game as Fullham take on Everton. Till then Goodbye and take care.

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