Leeds United 1 West Ham 2. An exciting game

Well, I may have got my prediction wrong but it was still an amazing game. Both teams got goals and it went down to the wire. This game was truly a game to watch. We will look at all the details right now, let’s get to it.

Leeds were good, but I expected better. They did manage the opening breakthrough in the 6th minute with Klich, but the fact they threw their lead like that infuriates me. it was definitely a let down and i expected better form all of them. Apart form Klich, no one stepped up and one man could not carry Leeds as they slump their form again. Overall, a poor performance and I expected alot better form them.

Well, have to give props to West Ham, they really played this game well. I expected them to crack after Klick scored the opener so early but they composed themselves and managed to grab all 3 points. Soucek equalized in the 25th minute and they really got momentum in their corner ever since then. Then Ogbonna got them the lead in the 80th minute. Overall, it was a surprisingly good performance form West ham and they should be proud.

That is it for this game. West Ham take all 3 points and will feel more confident than ever. However, Leeds will feel dejected and need to come back harder in the next game. I will write a review on the next game which is Wolves Vs Aston Villa. Till then, goodbye and take care.

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