Fans would Roar About This Game For Quite Some Time! Fullham 2 Everton 3 MATCH-REVIEW

Well, we ended yesterday with a really disappointing game so it’s only natural we start this one with a banger. Fulham 2 Everton 3. It was an exciting game and I will talk about each and every aspects this was a nail-biter from start to finish.

Let’s start with Everton. What a game they had! They went full on berserk and were clinical from start to finish. Calvert Lewin struck in the first minute itself to give a 1-0 lead. However, Fulham had no problem equalizing quite quickly. However, nothing was going to stop Calver Lewin as he put Everton back in front with a brace. Doucore scores one as well to make it 3-1. Lukas Digne got a couple of assists as well. Things were going well for Everton at half-time. But Oh Boy were they in for a surprise! Fulham were not going down without a fight. In the 70th minute, Fulham pulled one back and it seemed as though this might be a draw, but Everton held their nerve to gain all 3 points.

Couldn’t blame Everton to be honest, they tried their hearts out. after going 1-0 down in the 1st minute itself, many expected the match to be over. But Fulham fought with passion and heart as they equalized in the 15th minute. However a couple of goals looked to put an end to the game. But Fulham kept fighting, and in the 70th minute, got one back. But Everton kept their nerve to win the game. Overall, a promising performance from Fulham and they should be proud.

So that is it from this game. Fulham fought their hearts out but it is Everton who walk away with the 3 points. Up next it is Sheffield United Vs West Ham. Let us hope for another promising game like this one. Till then Goodbye and Take Care.


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