Burnley get the job done! Poor showing from Crystal Palace. Burnley 1 Crystal Palace 0

This game was quite boring, as we only got a 0-1 result, but in many ways this was important in many ways to the Burnley. Crystal Palace slip further as they are need to figure out why this happened. They had more chances, but could not get the job done. There were quite a few key points to be made about this game, so without wasting any further time, let’s get to it.

For Burnley, they game got off to the perfect start. Chris Wood gets them an early lead in the 8th minute. However, they did not get any higher an Crystal palace continued to look threatening and trying to get that equalizer. However, it never came and Burnley’s defence never cracked. This was a lesson to all premier League teams that even if it is a 1-0 lead, it is still a lead, and hence, Burnley grabbed all 3 points.

Crystal palace got scammed, that is for sure. They literally made chances ther entire game but never got the equalizer. This was a huge disappointment to all Palace fans who clearly thought that Crystal palace were gaining some sort of momentum. For palace, they need to go back to the drawing board and it was a very poor performance from them of not converting chances.

So that is it for this review. Burnley take all 3 points and utilized all their chances. Palace need to think up a new tactic as this certaintly got the chances but need to be more clinical in front of goal to think up a new plan as their current one certainly is not working. The next game is Wolves Vs Southampton. Until then, goodbye and take care.


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