Aston Villa 1 Brighton 2 An Important Win for Brighton MATCH-REVIEW

This was an important game, for both perspectives. Aston Villa were on a dream run and looked really solid in the first 8 games. Brighton have not had their way and this loss would have solidified their bad run, but Brighton held their nerve to get a much-needed win over Aston Villa, it’s all coming up in today’s article

However, Brighton must not relax, because this is not a very compelling victory. Aston Villa  had more shots, shots on target, possession and pass accuracy. This was not a very convincing win for Brighton. In other words, Aston Villa were just unlucky. Brighton got a few chances and took them, that’s what took them to this win.  However, they did not leave unbruised as Tariq Lamptey suffered a red card in the 91st minute .It was just another ” get it done” performance from Brighton

Aston Villa should not be worried about this loss. They can afford it and are still Mid-Table and are quite comfortable. They should  worry about gaining their momentum back because they will lose their confidence. A MId-Table finish is a dream for a Championship side and Aston Villa are living the dream right now and loss isn’t going to impact their already bright future.

Well that is all for this game. Brighton walk away with the dub but Aston Villa would not be too worried as they still are in a positive position to walkaway with Mid-Table. Next game we have a mammoth a=of a game as it is Tottenham Vs Man City. Goodbye and Take Care!


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