A Lifeless Game. Arsenal 0 Leeds United 0 MATCH-REVIEW

Well, if there is ever a game that you and your friends describe as literally lifeless, it this one. Arsenal 0 Leeds 0. It is a goalless draw and both teams draw a point each. There is almost nothing to analyze in this whole game, so we are going to focus mostly on what these teams should do to improve. In this article, we discuss exactly that.

Let us start with Arsenal. They are currently 12th in the league and this is game they should improve upon. They only had 9 shots this game and at this rate, Arsenal’s memes would continue to rise. Even though they are good, this team is so inconsistent that predicting it’s outcome is like saying who is going to win this season. It is a complete mess for Arsenal and they need to show some consistency if they are to do any damage in the Premier League.

Leeds are even more of a disappointment. 25 shots, and not a single one found the back of the net. To be fair, they are a championship side, but if they are to survive in the Premier League, then you can not afford to miss chances. Chances like Leeds had. This is a valuable lesson to all the Premier League Teams. If you miss chances like these, you will never survive in the Premier League

So that is it for this review. Arsenal and Leeds share a point but need to make use of scoring opportunities. Both teams need to go back to refresh their game. The next game is Liverpool against Leicester City. Until then, goodbye and take care.

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