1 point A Piece for both sides. Wolves 1 Southampton 1

Well, after 90 min of paly, we nothing separated the 2 teams and the game had to end in 1-1 draw. Both sides gave it their all and one side used their chances well, while the other wasted their chances quite often. While saying this, let us get into the review.

The game started of quite slowly for both teams as they could not get any goals in the 1st half. But wolves looked like the better side. They created more chances and opportunities and it looked like they were going to strike. But no, Southampton struck and struck hard. In the 56th minute as Walcott scored the opener following a good assist from Adams. it looked like Sheffield might steal one, but Neto introduced himself to level the scoring and to draw 1 point to wolves. Overall, it was a average performance but they should have scored more considering the opportunities.

Sheffield played really well to be honest. They made use of the opportunities they had and really pushed the pressure into Wolves. Sheffield United really took use of opportunities and made everyone count. It was a really convincing performance and I feel if they had more opportunities, they could have snatched the 3 points.

So that is it for this review.  Wolves and Southampton draw a point a piece and drew an exciting clash.The next game is Crystal palace against Newcastle. Until then, goodbye and take care.

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